School Dress Code

It is very important that everyone abides by the dress code and conduct rules of Luther Burbank High School in order to maintain a scholarly and orderly environment on campus.

Click HERE to read the entire dress code.

Anyone in violation of the dress code might be sent home to change clothes, so don’t let that be you!


Credit Recovery Class
Here's the link for Burbank's new 7th period class

Click HERE to go to the Burbank credit recovery website.


New student passwords
effective Monday, Sept. 7

Students will receive a new password to access all school accounts. A letter with that new password can be obtained from their first period teacher.

Please visit http://myaccount.scusd.edu to set up security questions that enable you to access your account if you ever forget your password.

If you want to re-set the password to something more personal (and likely you’ll remember better) click on “Update My Account Information.”


MLK Holiday – No School


Semester Final Exams
Minimum Days


End of First Semester
Minimum Day